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Structural Repair Services

Cracked Foundation? Trust the Experts!

Solutions for home settlement, slab settlement, and driveway settlement.

Trotter Company is a full service foundation repair/stabilization contractor. No matter why your structure is settling, Trotter Company can stabilize it! With 80 years working in our red clay, Trotter Company is the most experienced foundation repair contractor in Georgia. We are the only contactor to offer a Composite Helical Pier as our standard pier. This pier offers the stability of a foundation provided by the helix and the rigidity of the large diameter pipe pier. The overall strength of our pier is reinforced with a concrete core. All major repair contractors are following Trotter Company’s lead and are promoting helical pipe piers.

Most settlement problems are a result of structures being built on poorly compacted fill dirt which has been infiltrated by storm water. Existing soil conditions, as well as poor construction, can cause settlement problems.

Backfill Settlement behind foundation walls can cause walls to bow or even collapse. Foundation walls that have been neglected and allowed to bow excessively will require Steel Beam Reinforcements. Some foundation walls may have to be completely demolished and a new reinforced foundation wall built to replace the failed wall. Landscape retaining walls that are leaning up to five inches may be stabilized with Helical Tie-backs. We also demolish and replace landscape walls that are past saving with reinforced, anchored walls.

Trotter Atlanta specializes in comprehensive concrete structural repair, ensuring the integrity and longevity of your property’s foundation. With their expert team and innovative techniques, Trotter Atlanta delivers reliable and durable solutions for all your concrete structural repair needs. For permanent solutions from qualified structural repair service contractors, contact Trotter Company. We offer a free foundation & structural inspection services quote in Georgia, including areas like Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, and nearby.

What Issues Are You Seeing In Your Home?
Foundation settlement warning signs can come in many different forms. From the interior to the exterior of your house, there are many different signs to catch an issue before it becomes worse. Save yourself time, money and headaches by spotting these symptoms early. It’s a good idea to do a routine check around the outside of your home at least once per year to make sure you can catch any issues before they become worse.

Exterior Warning Signs

Wall cracks, collapsing retaining walls, and a tilting chimney are all symptoms of a greater issue.

Interior Warning Signs

Watch out for floor  and wall cracks,  as well as windows and doors that stick or are difficult to open.

Trotter has solutions.

Only Trotter Company installs a reinforced, commercial duty, multi-helical pier as our standard residential pier, rated at over 50,000 lbs.

Heavy wall couplers with quadruple bolts provide rigid connections between pier sections. Heavy wall steel pipe reinforced with 5000 psi concrete provides the strongest standard residential pier available.

The solid core also prevents water flowing down the pier shaft. Large helical steel “footings” at multiple levels provide stable end barring foundations.

Our Composite® Piers are completely installed and tested before they are attached to the foundation; this ensures that no additional damage will occur to your home during installation.

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Composite® Slab Piers support and stabilize driveways, garages, patios, basement floors, slab houses, porches– anything that’s built on a slab.

Heavy wall steel pipe, reinforced with 5000 psi concrete, provides the strongest standard residential pier available. The solid core also prevents water from flowing down the pier shaft. Large helical steel “footings” at multiple levels provide stable end-barring foundations.

Our Composite® Piers are completely installed and tested before they are attached; this ensures that no additional damage will occur to your home during installation.

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Our floor stabilization system is heavy-duty and code compliant.

Constructed with 5”x5” steel beams secured with heavy 3/4″ steel plates on top and bottom and 6″ flange beams, we use a 24”x24” 5000 psi concrete (that’s at least 480 lbs. of concrete per beam!) with # 5 rebar reinforcement placed on hardpan undisturbed soil to secure each beam.

Rest assured, your floors will be stable with our system!

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Danger! Retaining walls can collapse!

Retaining walls used to contain soil supporting driveways, patios, landscaping, or any area without bracing at the top can start to lean and, if not shored, will eventually fall.

Helical tie-backs are giant screws that are driven deep into the soil behind the retaining wall to provide the added resistance to stabilize retaining walls.

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Unlike rigid brick, concrete or stone retaining walls that crack with the least settlement, our Lock-Stone walls will settle gracefully and become more attractive with time.

By combining our Composite Piers, Helical Tie Backs and Lock-Stone Retaining Walls, we provide stable foundations, driveways, patios, porches, and garages that will last for the life of your home.

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Walls tend to lean away from the building as the foundation settles. Lifting the foundation during repair tends to push the walls up and further out of plumb. Accurate, controllable horizontal movement to push the walls back to plumb has long been a goal of foundation repair.

The new Horizontal Recovery Wall Jacks, invented and patented by Clay Trotter, provide as much force (up to 15 tons or more) as needed to gently realign the brick veneer, block, stone or virtually any type of wall. This is especially desirable for brick veneer because the original bricks are saved and little, if any, masonry work is needed.

This break-through, state-of-the-art technology is only available at Trotter Company!

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Many garage door/carport openings sag and develop ugly cracks in the brick veneer above the door opening. This problem is almost always caused by an undersized steel lintel, the structural member that supports the building above the door opening. Repairs in the past involved complete removal of the brick veneer and installation of a larger steel lintel that could carry the load.

Clay Trotter has developed the Super Lintel® to solve this problem without all the mess and expense of the old repair method. Installation is quick, neat and usually involves no brick repair!

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Although rare, trash pits could be a major additional expense if one lies under your home! Trash pit excavation, restoration and foundation repair can easily cost $20,000 – $30,000 or more.

When driving foundation piers, it is difficult to know if you are driving piers into stumps, logs or hardpan red clay. Foundation Piers of any type will not penetrate the stumps and logs found in trash pits. The piers become lodged in the tangled mass and fail as the trash pit decomposes. Trotter Company, and all piering contractors we are aware of, make it part of the work agreement that they are not responsible for piers driven into buried debris. (It is illegal and a violation of building code to bury debris/trash in a residential zone.)

Tests performed by geotechnical engineers can cost hundreds of dollars (or more!), but these tests are well worth the money! Trotter Company drills to check for suspected trash pits before the job starts at no cost to you! You only pay for this service if you decide not to have Trotter repair your home.

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