Dry-Tec® Sump Pumps & Backup Power

Dry-Tec® Sump Pumps

For the majority of basements, a sump pump is the way to go. When gravity drains are available, the outfall of gravity drains can tend to get lost, overgrown and clogged after a few years. Trotter installs only top-rated Zoeller pumps. Our cast-iron pump has a steel non-clogging vortex impeller and pumps up to 43 gallons per minute.

Backup Power

For extra peace of mind we offer backup generators or battery/inverters systems to provide power during utilities outages. With the addition of a small natural gas-powered generator or battery backup power, you will be set for years of trouble free service. For a truly dependable system, you may choose to add a backup pump.

Have Trotter Company check your system out once a year to keep it in top operating condition.

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