Trash Pits

Although rare, trash pits could be a major additional expense if one lies under your home! Trash pit excavation, restoration and foundation repair can easily cost $20,000 – $30,000 or more.

When driving foundation piers, it is difficult to know if you are driving piers into stumps, logs or hardpan red clay. Foundation Piers of any type will not penetrate the stumps and logs found in trash pits. The piers become lodged in the tangled mass and fail as the trash pit decomposes. Trotter Company, and all piering contractors we are aware of, make it part of the work agreement that they are not responsible for piers driven into buried debris. (It is illegal and a violation of building code to bury debris/trash in a residential zone.)

Tests performed by geotechnical engineers can cost hundreds of dollars (or more!), but these tests are well worth the money! Trotter Company drills to check for suspected trash pits before the job starts at no cost to you! You only pay for this service if you decide not to have Trotter repair your home.

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