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Crawlspace Foundation Waterproofing Atlanta

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Crawlspace foundation repair is simplified with our drainage products, vapor barriers, crawlspace encapsulation, support jacks, and insulation for a dry, healthier crawlspace foundation.

Each of your home’s systems play a key role in the overall health of your house. Since they rely on each other, a problem in your crawlspace foundation such as water damage or crawlspace encapsulation will eventually spread to other areas of your home – causing major damage.

For permanent solutions from qualified crawlspace specialist, contact Trotter Company. We offer free crawlspace foundation repair and crawlspace encapsulation quotes in Georgia, including areas like Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, and nearby. For crawlspace waterproofing in Atlanta, be sure to reach out to Trotter Company.

What Issues Are You Seeing In Your Home?

If you’ve got any of the following in your home, you probably have a crawlspace problem. It’s best to address this ASAP since a problem in your crawlspace will eventually spread to other areas of your home causing major damage.

Ponding Water or Wet/Damp Crawlspace

Odors, Allergies, & Mold

Trotter has solutions.

At Trotter Company, we only use the highest rated DVA (dehumidification, ventilation, air filtration) system. The Aprilaire 150 maintains a healthy 40% to 50% relative humidity in your closed crawlspace. Aprilaire removes more than 95 pints per day with no buckets to empty, instead draining to sump pump or gravity drain! Trotter also offers the Aprilaire 400H, which will provide dry, clean, fresh air throughout your entire house!

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Dry-Tec® Sump Pumps

For the majority of basements, a sump pump is the way to go. When gravity drains are available, the outfall of gravity drains can tend to get lost, overgrown and clogged after a few years. Trotter installs only top-rated Zoeller pumps. Our cast-iron pump has a steel non-clogging vortex impeller and pumps up to 43 gallons per minute.

Backup Power

For extra peace of mind we offer backup generators or battery/invertors systems to provide power during utilities outages. With the addition of a small natural gas-powered generator or battery backup power, you will be set for years of trouble free service. For a truly dependable system, you may choose to add a backup pump.

Have Trotter Company check your system out once a year to keep it in top operating condition.

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The debate in the building science engineering community over vented or closed crawlspace has gone on for more than twenty years. The widely accepted, definitive study by Advanced Energy (, was started early 2001 with the final report published June 22, 2005.

Crawlspace Waterproofing Study

This field study was financed by the U.S. Department of Energy and clearly shows that homes in the southeastern United States will benefit in several important areas. This can be achieved by controlling rain water intrusion, closing foundation vents, sealing the earth (or concrete) crawlspace floors, insulating exterior foundation walls, dehumidifying the closed crawlspace area and providing make up air, if needed. The last two items on the list, dehumidification and make-up air are critical to the success of a closed crawlspace. And the last item is life threatening if not done correctly! If not installed properly, a closed crawlspace will destroy your home!

Atlanta Crawlspace Waterproofing Success

The observations made in this study have led to changes in the North Carolina building code as well as attitudes (including mine) toward closing the crawlspace. Trotter Company’s installations have confirmed dramatic improvements in relative humidity level, wood moisture content, heating and cooling cost. Advanced Energy’s Cyrus Dastur continues the study of closed crawlspaces with a study to be released in late 2008 or early 2009 where closed crawlspaces are studied in diverse areas of the country.

For more information about our Atlanta crawlspace waterproofing services contact us today!

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