Atlanta wet basement repair from Trotter Company

There’s no time to waste when you need emergency wet basement repair, and there’s no better option than Trotter Company in Atlanta. We

  • have been in business since 1929
  • create custom solutions for your wet basement repair issues
  • treat every customer and their property with absolute respect
  • get in on time, get out on time, and get the job done right the first time!

To contact us now about your wet basement repair or basement water proofing needs call: (770) 458-0810, or fax us at (770) 458-0968.

Wet basement repair in Atlanta: in and out and under control

The appearance of water in your basement is never a welcome sign. It can be stressful, to say the least, and homeowners often panic when they discover the problem. We understand.
As experts in wet basement repair and basement water proofing since 1929, we’ve developed patented procedures that don’t just fix your problem, they solve your problem. Our many services include:

  • drainage design
  • wall repair
  • basement and crawlspace water proofing
  • moisture control
  • structural repair
  • custom design
  • Call us today to schedule a free estimate on your wet basement repair or basement water proofing project at (770) 458-0810, or fax us at (770) 458-0968.