Atlanta foundation repair company since 1929 – The Trotter Company legacy

The vision for Trotter Company began back in 1929 with our grandfather, Henry Trotter, who developed a business built on innovation. At that time, cinderblocks were new technology, and though many people were building their basements out of this new material, there were problems. Namely: water. So Henry Trotter developed a way to waterproof these structures, planting the seeds that would eventually grow into one of the largest foundation repair companies in the United States.

The family business – three generations of foundation repair contractors in Atlanta

You might say that we all got the bug–both the bug to keep the family business growing and the desire to innovate–from our grandfather Henry Trotter. Since he started Trotter Company in 1929, the technology and practices of foundation repair companies have grown by leaps and bounds.
In fact, we own multiple patents, and integrate our own innovative systems into the daily work we do at Trotter Company.

Family, community, and service – foundation repair contractors building their reputation on their customers

We’ve literally built our business on our happy customers, customers who know which company to turn to for their foundation repair. Become part of our community of happy customers. Call us today to schedule a free estimate on your foundation repair project at (770) 458-0810, or fax us at (770) 458-0968.