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Backfill Restoration
Downspout Drains
Catch Basins
Gravity Drains
Concrete Flumes
Channel Drains
Backfill on Stud Walls

Dry-Tec System
Wall Vapor Barier
Wall Pre-Finish System
Floor Capillary System
Closed Crawl Space
Sump Pumps
Backup Power

Floor Stabilization
Reinforcement Beams
Helical Tie-backs
Lock-Stone Walls
Wall Realignment
Super Lintel
Trash Pits
Trash Pit Testing
Composite Slab Piers
Composite Foundation Piers


Concrete Flumes

SwalesIn areas that are too flat to use a swale, concrete flumes will move lots of water with very little slope  Many times we will configure the flumes to work as a sidewalk and most people never realize they are part of the storm water drainage system.

Featured Projects
Featured Projects
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